Beat Production Basic Components and Tips


Beat Production Basic Components

      A Starting  Base for Beginners in Beat Production

There are arguably, several basic beginning components to getting you well on your way to beat production. You will find several tools to help guide you towards learning some basic fundamental strategies to build from. I have over 20 years of experience in a broad range of music-related areas. In the beginning, I started out with the real hardware. Meaning real guitars, drums, ( live instruments) drum machines, samplers and a microphone etc. To this day I can’t read notes or actually “play an instrument” but over time everything gets better when you practice. As you build from your base, every producer should definitely invest in quality software and hardware, as I did for my professional home-studio. This is extremely critical, what you invest in software and hardware is a representation of  sound quality. It is a good idea to start your base first, building experience and starting a foundation for future quality investments. It is important to avoid anything that sounds poor in quality, recorded too low, sounds distorted or unclear. Remember, the quality of your Beats is a major component in the level of success you achieve.


The first necessary component is your computer, for many reasons. Currently, the standard computers on the market come with the basic needs to make a beat. I strongly encourage, at the very least, you purchase a sequencing software. I recommend a Full Desktop PC, however, I suggest doing some research. Everyone has their own preference between MAC or PC. Fortunately, this choice was not a struggle I had to invest alot of time in. I would strongly recommend to have the following minimum specifications:

4 GB of RAM
100+ GB’s Hard Drive space
2-3 GHz Processor Speed.

Fortunately, most computers are already equipped with a Sound Card, so it is not necessary for a beginner to upgrade this feature . . . yet! As you become progress, I would strongly recommend to upgrade to a quality Sound Card, sooner than later, as it enhances you from default. I found this to be a smarter decision, quickly learning that as I was progressing as a Producer, I was more equipped longevity wise. There is a vast range of points that could be made in regards to upgrading your default sound card. I would definitely say in my experience, as a beginner, I focused on listening, in extreme detail, to every sound. I would strongly suggest researching external sound cards, even superior to that, Audio Interfaces.

Be sure to that you have at least one software or Digital Audio Workstation, aka DAW, for short.  Throughout your experiences and progression, you will always find that everyone has a diferent level of perception and opinions on all the variables involved in Beats. I would develop and implement your individual approach, absolutely the most powerful way is in doing your research. Most credible companies have demo versions that you can put to the test before purchasing. Try before you buy, works for me. I do have several opinions on various companies, I would recommend FL Studio, I have been using their software since 1997 and have I am extremely comfortable with it to this day. A demo download link from FL Studio is found below, if you would like to put it to the test yourself.

FL Studio Demo link


So, technically, you could use the basic speakers that your Personal Computer comes with. However, I wouldn’t be suggest doing using those for too long. My logic and reasoning behind this decision came from the necessity of hearing, not just listening, but truly hearing the beat. It is incredibly essential. What you hear and how you hear it guides you towards your targeted beat. At a low cost effort, desktop speakers will do the trick . . . kinda.
If you want to research it yourself, that is powerful for you. In my experience, I would recommend KRK Rokit 8’s. A decent pair will range in costs from around $300 – $500; Buying it used can minimize the cost by about half the price. I cannot stress to you enough, debate of different brands, approaches, etc. is a fluent and neverending debate. I would do my research and think of what you believe best suits different occasions. This is progressive, in my experience, it becomes more dominating in necessity, Other stuff (Optional)when and if your pursuing the art of mixing and mastering. As a fundamental base in the beginning, even your home stereo will do the trick.

Adding In Extra Options


Yep. I would say this involves mastering the art of patience. I am going to absolutely stress patience out to you. Even though it seems very complicated, there are endless videos, support forums, step to step guides, groups, etc. that provide specific knowledge to help you with the fundamentals. One area you may find a little challenging is computers. Depending on your level of knowledge with computers, things such as set-up, installation and configuration, you may need to just take some time to learn tricks and shortcuts that help you create and adjust.

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