How To Make Money Online Risk Free

How To Make Money Online (Extra Cash Daily)

How To Make Money Online (Extra Cash Daily) Risk Free. Online you can get paid for surveys, searching the web and much more!

  1. Build A Website
  2. App & Website Testing
  3. Surveys

Build A Website: Start Your Own Blog / Website

Build a website and use Google Adsense to place ads between articles on your pages or blog post. I believe this is the most profitable way and also has potential growth for long term as well. Yes…you can make 1,000’s but with a few catches. First, this is more of a “takes money to make money” type of situation. If you already have a website and are not utilizing this process google adsense, well… you’re missing out!

The plus side of this is that you can start up a website about ANYTHING you want and then apply this method We recommend using iPage for a few reasons. By clicking our affiliate link, you can get a FREE domain (.com) & save money! Please Note that I do make a commission from this affiliate link..

Please Note: Before you can even sign up for google adsense, you must first have your website fully operational and published with content! Google does not like empty websites with just a picture and very little words. Google adsense will deny your application automatically. Start building! Create multiple pages and multiple blogs.
Please Note that I do make a commission from the above ipage affiliate link…..but you get a free website and save 75% on hosting!

Once you have completed the above tasks, I would then head over to Google Adsense to signup. The goal? Receive money from the traffic delivered to website, on a cost per click bases. Receive pay every time someone clicks an ad and google does a great job presenting the right ones. The more traffic, the more clicks, the more money! Google search PPC & CPC to get more details.

Host your website with iPage!

App & Website Testing

How To Make Money online with App & Website testing is a way to make $5 here, $25 there. It provides the ability to test apps or websites and then send the data back to the company. These company’s use this information for a bunch of things. Mostly to make things better for the user experience. The cool think about it is that it can be done right from your mobile phone, tablet, or computer!


Surveys are perfect for the people who are on there mobile phones ALL DAY. Take surveys from different survey providers and get paid. This way of making money is a bit time consuming,But time is money right?Here’s a list of a few pay to survey websites.

  1. Swagbucks
  2. Survey Junkie
  3. My Survey


How to Put Your Music on All Streaming Platforms

How to Put Your Music on All Streaming Platforms

Music Producers & Artist

  1. Sign up for Distrokid now by clicking my V.I.P referral link and Get a 7% discount! DistroKid is a service for musicians that puts your music into online stores & streaming services. The fact that it was only $19.99 A YEAR already had me sold.

Fill in all required fields. This should include your email and the password you choose to use. Keep in mind that the password field needs to be filled in twice with the same credentials to ensure security for the user.

2. Select what service best fits your needs and click continue. You will be prompted to enter your credit card information. One your payment is complete, check your email and login. There might be additional tasks to complete the setup.

3. Navigate to the upload button. This is where all of the magic happens. Select which stores you or platforms you would like your music delivered to, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play & YouTube Music etc.

4. Choose the number of songs or instrumentals you would like to. Also, you may choose if tthis project is a single.

5. Another option This is where you confirm if your project has been released in the past as other artist and producers can document that. If you have never been on a streaming platform, your answer is easily no.

6. Enter your artist or band name next to Artist/band name. It will search the name in Spotify and in Itunes to see if you are already hold artist accounts there and if so, will provide the ability to claim those accounts.

You will also see Release date, iTunes Preorder and Record label customization options that are only available to upgraded members.

7. Now it’s time to upload your artwork and this can be tricky. Your artwork MUST fit in a perfect square format and must also be in .jpg format. Or atleast thats what we had to do lol. I have also seen some in a circle form. Quality matters and distro also has some guidlines to follow.

8. Next choose the Language, Primary genre and if you wish, the optional Secondary genre.

9. Add in your track Title. If you were releasing and album, this would be considered Track 1. Distro Is also sensitive about the information you put here so be sure to follow the guidelines.

10. Inform Distrokid whether this was an original tune (yours) or a cover song (someone elses).

11. Enter all of the song writers involved with this particular project and specify each persons involvement. Choose Music, Lyrics, Or Music and Lyrics.

12. Specify whether the project is a clean or dirty version. You can even choose to add an edited/ clean version of a explicit song. Upgraded members can specify price on itunes here as well.

13. Upload song file. Song file formats must be MP3, WAV, FLAC, CDDA or WMA

14. Not much more to go. One of the last steps is to tell Distrokid if this is an instrumental or contains lyrics. At the very least, select Instagram & Facebook as it is free!. Proceed to the final step.

15. You MUST select all boxes to process this project with Distrokid. If you read the Distrubution Agreement, you will understand the terms you are agreeing to.

Congrats! You are done! You will get 100% of your royaltys. Distrokid processing could take up to 2-3 weeks to hit all platforms. Be patient! They ill keep you up to date with thier progress via email.

Know someone else who may need this information? Auto post this to any of your social media with just 1 click!

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– Google Plus





Here we will cover how to download music and the different methods to do so. There are several ways to get this done but also some limitations depending on the device we are downloading music to and from. Generally people are using devices such as Mac, PC, Android, IPhone, Tablets etc to download and play there favorite tunes on the go.

Many apps and other platforms can be used to make downloading songs or full length albums simple and easy.
These apps may offer direct download to a device or, may provide an offline mode option.

Offline Mode is in basic, a music service that let’s you listen to audio or video without an Internet connection.

Common places to download music in 2019

  1. Amazon Music
  2. Spotify.
    • Spotify is the best streaming music service along with Google Play Music. These two are the most popular music streaming apps and also offer an offline mode music option.
  3. Pandora
  4. Slacker Radio
  5. Deezer
  6. SoundCloud
  7. ITunes

In some cases, you can even get FREE LEGAL MUSIC from the listings below.

1.Music Download Paradise Free

There are other versions of this app and it is also available for
Android and IOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch)
This is a free app then can be downloaded right from the Google Play store.
After the app has been downloaded to your device, simply search for a song you would like and once found, you may play and or download it to your device. Simple right?

Jamendo Music.
Amazon Music.
Mp3 Music Download Hunter.
Wynk Music: MP3 & Hindi Songs

Miui Music Player. The miui player comes from the popular Custom ROM MIUI
Music Maniac – Mp3 Downloader. …
Napster Music. …
Simple MP3 Downloader. …
SuperCloud Song Downloader


With Android devices, simply a quick drag n drop or copy and paste of almost any media file will work just fine. Right away you should see the any media files in any one of your music player apps etc. This can be done right on your device’s harddrive or directly on an SD Card.
You do not have to go through the whole Iphone madness of using iTunes.

Please note: This method cannot be used with any IOS devices such as iphones, ipads etc. The main reason I personally can’t stand IPhones.


Free Website Submission

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Checkout Beats / Instrumentals Here &


How To Add Your Own Samples Folder In FL Studio

How To Add Your Own Samples Folder In FL Studio

Here is how I added my own Samples Folder in FL Studio. If your like me, you probably want to keep all your music production samples in one place. It is good practice to keep things organized & increase work flow! If you need Samples & Drumkits or would like more to add to your collection, here is a free source I have collected through out the years. Please note, these sounds are for beginners, though there are some respected producer kits listed as well.

Step 1.

Create a brand new folder. Label it “SAMPLES”. You can label this folder whatever you choose. It is ideal to remember the location where you created this folder. To make things easy, we are going to create one on our desktop.

To do this on a PC, right click your desktop on an empty area, hover over “New” and left click the option labeled folder. Type the word “SAMPLES” and press enter. You should then see something like this:

Step 2. 

Next you will need to open the  FL Studio Software. If you do not have it, you can download the demo version here for PC & MAC. Once open, left click on the “Options” tab then left click “File settings”

You should see a pop up similar to the following:

You can click the images on this page if they are not visible enough.

Step 3.

Look for “Browser extra search folder” and click  an unused folder slot to choose the samples folder we created.  I will show you a used slot and an unused slot to make sure its clear.

Used Slot (Click To Enlarge)

Unused Slot (Click To Enlarge)

I’ve highlighted the area we want to click.

When clicking the folder, another pop up will appear. Left click”Desktop” and scroll down until you see the “SAMPLES” folder we created. Left click the SAMPLES folder to select it, then click  “Ok” and proceed to step 4.

Step 4.
Next we need to Refresh our data bank in fl Studio.  Usually, near the top left hand corner there is a “Reread structure” button. It simply looks like a curved arrow. Simply left click this button to refresh and the samples folder will appear in your data base for simple and easy use. Again I have highlighted the area we are looking for, just to be clear.

Please click to enlarge if you need to see the picture better.

That’s it! You are all done. Hope this helps and feel free to leave a comment or suggestions.

How to Import Sound Samples Onto FL Studio: 11 Steps the sound sample folder

News – Browser, Adding Samples, Adding Sounds, My – FL Studio Put sound kits into (FL Studio) – Image-Line




These Free Sounds & Drum Kit Samples should help new music producers fill up their sound banks. I will be writing another post  detailing how to choose your sounds when creating beats. As a beginner, I did not have these options or the knowledge about how choosing your sounds. I learned much later that this can make or break your mix.


The links below are from a lot of different sources. Please contact if you have any questions. I do not own the rights to any of them. 

In another post, I talk about managing all of your samples in one folder. This link will guide in creating a samples folder using FL Studio if you need assistance.

Wheezy Inspired Drum Kit (Free) @ BVKER

The “Bad Kit” is inspired by Wheezy’s productions and contains everything you need to cook up new beats. It’s packed with 15 tuned 808s, 66 one shot drum samples and 36 cymbals. Or in total: 102 files. As a bonus we included a free FLP so you can see exactly how the demo track was made. The entire pack is 100% royalty-free and can be used for your own productions without paying anything or giving credits.


15 tuned 808s

13 Kicks

15 Snares

15 Claps

8 Percs

8 Crashes

10 Closed Hats

9 Open Hats

9 Rides

1 Bonus FLP


102 Total Files

35,1 MB (zipped)

License: Royalty-Free

Genres: Trap & Hip Hop

Download Here

The Yamaha DX-FilesDownload them HERE for free.



Free download here

@MiricaBeats UK Drill Compressed Archive (.ZIP)
Free download Here

150 samples from the Korg Electribe ER-1 Drum Synthesizer!
Download here

The official drum kit from super producer Boi-1Da, which he put out in 2012. From kicks, snares, hats to loops and samples – all the ingredients he used on hit records for such artists as Drake, Eminem, G-Unit, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Game, etc are now yours!

FREE DOWNLOAD: Official Boi-1Da Drum Kit

‘Official Boi-1da Drum Kits – 295MB of Hot Free Samples


50 Free Transition & Build-Up Sound Effects
Free Download Here

Free Country Music Loops
Free Download Here


Free Beat Box Samples
Free Download Here

Download Free Brass Loops & Samples
Free Download Here

Free Drum And Bass Drum Samples
Free Download Here

Free Scratch Samples
Free Download Here


Free Sound Effects

Free Download Here

Free Snare Samples

Free Download Here

Free Vocal Samples

Free Download Here

Free Drum Kit Download

Free Download Here

Free Sounds Sci Fi & Effects

Free Download Here

Free 808 Drum Kit

Free Download Here

Free HipHop Drum Kits
Free Download Here


Free Hip Hop Drum Kit Download

Free Download Here

Roland CompuRythm CR-78
Free Download Here

Timbaland Drum Kit

Free Download Here

Lex Luger Drum Kit

Free Download Here

Kanye West Drum Kit II (Drumkit)

Free Sound Kit Contains:




Free Download Here

Mike Will Made It 2015 Drum Kit (Drumkit)


Brass Loops

Drum Kit


Sound Fonts

Synth Loops

Whistle Loops

Free Download Here


IAMM Boom Bap Drum

Free Download Here

Jahlil Beats Sound Kit (Soundkit)

Sound Kit Contains:
Claps & Snares
Sounds & Instruments
Free Download Here

araabMUZIK Drums (Drumkit)

Free Download Here

Dr.Dre Sample Kit

Free Download Here

The Alchemist Drum Kit

Free Download Here

Young Chop Drum Kit (Drumkit)

Free Download Here


Free Download Here

Danja Drum Kit

Free Download Here

Drumma Boy Drum Kit

Free Download Here


Zaytoven Trap Samples – Sound Kit Free Download

Free Download Here

 Em & Dre Drum Kit (Drumkit)

Free Download Here

808 Mafia Drum Kit (Drumkit)

Official 2013 808 Mafia Drum Kit

Sound Kit Contains:

808 Mafia Trap Bellz

808 Mafia Stuff

808 Mafia Soundfonts

808 Mafia Sounds

808 Mafia Kicks

808 Mafia Snares

808 Mafia Hi Hats, Crashes & Percs

808 Mafia FX Transitions

808 Mafia FX

808 Mafia Claps

808 Mafia Channel States

808 Mafia Chantz

808 Mafia 808’s

808 Mafia 808 Drums

Free Sounds Download Here

Johnny Juliano – Trap Ghosts Drum Kit (Drumkit)

Free Download Here




Beat Production Basic Components and Tips


Beat Production Basic Components

      A Starting  Base for Beginners in Beat Production

There are arguably, several basic beginning components to getting you well on your way to beat production. You will find several tools to help guide you towards learning some basic fundamental strategies to build from. I have over 20 years of experience in a broad range of music-related areas. In the beginning, I started out with the real hardware. Meaning real guitars, drums, ( live instruments) drum machines, samplers and a microphone etc. To this day I can’t read notes or actually “play an instrument” but over time everything gets better when you practice. As you build from your base, every producer should definitely invest in quality software and hardware, as I did for my professional home-studio. This is extremely critical, what you invest in software and hardware is a representation of  sound quality. It is a good idea to start your base first, building experience and starting a foundation for future quality investments. It is important to avoid anything that sounds poor in quality, recorded too low, sounds distorted or unclear. Remember, the quality of your Beats is a major component in the level of success you achieve.


The first necessary component is your computer, for many reasons. Currently, the standard computers on the market come with the basic needs to make a beat. I strongly encourage, at the very least, you purchase a sequencing software. I recommend a Full Desktop PC, however, I suggest doing some research. Everyone has their own preference between MAC or PC. Fortunately, this choice was not a struggle I had to invest alot of time in. I would strongly recommend to have the following minimum specifications:

4 GB of RAM
100+ GB’s Hard Drive space
2-3 GHz Processor Speed.

Fortunately, most computers are already equipped with a Sound Card, so it is not necessary for a beginner to upgrade this feature . . . yet! As you become progress, I would strongly recommend to upgrade to a quality Sound Card, sooner than later, as it enhances you from default. I found this to be a smarter decision, quickly learning that as I was progressing as a Producer, I was more equipped longevity wise. There is a vast range of points that could be made in regards to upgrading your default sound card. I would definitely say in my experience, as a beginner, I focused on listening, in extreme detail, to every sound. I would strongly suggest researching external sound cards, even superior to that, Audio Interfaces.

Be sure to that you have at least one software or Digital Audio Workstation, aka DAW, for short.  Throughout your experiences and progression, you will always find that everyone has a diferent level of perception and opinions on all the variables involved in Beats. I would develop and implement your individual approach, absolutely the most powerful way is in doing your research. Most credible companies have demo versions that you can put to the test before purchasing. Try before you buy, works for me. I do have several opinions on various companies, I would recommend FL Studio, I have been using their software since 1997 and have I am extremely comfortable with it to this day. A demo download link from FL Studio is found below, if you would like to put it to the test yourself.

FL Studio Demo link

So, technically, you could use the basic speakers that your Personal Computer comes with. However, I wouldn’t be suggest doing using those for too long. My logic and reasoning behind this decision came from the necessity of hearing, not just listening, but truly hearing the beat. It is incredibly essential. What you hear and how you hear it guides you towards your targeted beat. At a low cost effort, desktop speakers will do the trick . . . kinda.
If you want to research it yourself, that is powerful for you. In my experience, I would recommend KRK Rokit 8’s. A decent pair will range in costs from around $300 – $500; Buying it used can minimize the cost by about half the price. I cannot stress to you enough, debate of different brands, approaches, etc. is a fluent and neverending debate. I would do my research and think of what you believe best suits different occasions. This is progressive, in my experience, it becomes more dominating in necessity, Other stuff (Optional)when and if your pursuing the art of mixing and mastering. As a fundamental base in the beginning, even your home stereo will do the trick.

Adding In Extra Options


Yep. I would say this involves mastering the art of patience. I am going to absolutely stress patience out to you. Even though it seems very complicated, there are endless videos, support forums, step to step guides, groups, etc. that provide specific knowledge to help you with the fundamentals. One area you may find a little challenging is computers. Depending on your level of knowledge with computers, things such as set-up, installation and configuration, you may need to just take some time to learn tricks and shortcuts that help you create and adjust.

Head Phones | Sample Packs |VST’s |Sound Kits |Referal link below

Producers Choice